Jul 12, 2017

Designing an Organization

In software development there's a common phrase that you should employ the best people, treat them well and get out of their way. What is many times forgotten is the fact that even the best people need direction.

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If I think about a company/department/any organizational unit, I'd like to know what is its goal. (One could maybe also call it a Vision.) What is it trying to achieve? What is the purpose for having such unit? It's not mandatory, but beneficial, if the purpose for existence is noble or somehow larger than an individual.

Once you have found your purpose, share it with everyone. Talk about it continuously. Make it clear for all who are involved. Next, think about what matters would be needed to pursue the shared vision. What kind of organization would be most capable? What roles should different people take?

Then staff the organization. For each person, make it clear what is their purpose. How do they help in reaching the common goal? Do it in a transparent way so that others will also understand. Now you can let the magic happen. If you are in an expert organization, each person should know best what they should do. Or at least better than their bosses.

And don't think you're done. You will never be. Even if you don't like it, the world around you changes. You will need to adjust your goal. And your organization. Rinse and repeat.

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